After having the idea of ​​developing an app there is a question that comes to mind. How much does it cost to develop an app? In reality, the price of an app depends on many factors: quality, functionality, design or the importance of the backend. In this post, we want to guide you to a tour of the most common factors that influence the price of an app.

The price of developing an app depends on these factors


Each option of an application requires a certain development time. Some aspects of an app are “easy” to set up and will not take much time for the developer. However, if you want to know how much an app costs, you should know that other aspects will require more effort and, therefore, will be more expensive, something that, in part, is logical. For example, a contact form can be added to the app quickly, but an accurate geographic tracking system will need long hours of coding.

User interface and application design

The user interface and the design of the application are two essential elements for the application to succeed. At this point, it is also important that the client and the developer agree on the objectives to be achieved. That the creator of the app clearly shares his ideas with the developer of the application, ensures to obtain a complete application, without unnecessary functionalities.


To know how much it costs to make an app, it is also essential to know which platforms it will be available. Do you want to create an application for iOS or Android? This question is important since there are differences between both operating systems. Another question you should ask yourself is: I’m looking for a native, hybrid or web application? In this case, you should know that a native application will always be more expensive than a web or hybrid application.

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But be careful: contrary to what you might think, a native application is not always the best solution. Hybrid and web technologies are more suitable for certain types of projects. Keep in mind that if you want to develop an application on several platforms, the price will definitely be higher.

Additional costs: Android vs iOS

When analyzing how much it costs to make an app, you must include the expenses related to the marketing strategy. Similarly, administrative fees must be taken into account. The App Store and the Google Play store do not allow you to sell your application for free. The price to publish an Android app is about € 24 (one-time payment) and to publish an iOS application, about € 80 per year. Data storage costs must also be taken into account in the forecast of the financial plan. Finally, don’t forget maintenance data, such as updates and bug fixes.

How Much it Costs to Develop an Android App or iOS App?

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