The development of cross-platform applications has some peculiarities with respect to other types of development.

If you are looking for a multiplatform application design team and you are worried about deadlines, in Retrocube we will give you some clues about development time.

In addition, we will see what are the problems that can delay the development and how you can avoid them. With our instructions, you will surely be able to face your project with all the guarantees of success. DO YOU WANT TO CREATE AN APP? REQUEST A BUDGET!

Deadlines in the development of multiplatform apps

If you are not familiar with the world of development, cross-platform applications are developed with a single code that is interpreted by each mobile device, regardless of whether it is Android or iOS.

We could say that there is no better or worse technology for the development of cross-platform applications. There are different technologies that allow achieving very similar results, so in each case, there will be more or less adequate depending on the type of project to be developed.

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Although the development time of cross-platform applications depends on several factors, we could say that it would take between 3 and 6 months on average.

Do you think so much? Little bit? As always, it is an estimate that will depend on the complexity of the development or the level of definition of the project, among others.

The most common is to spend a month in the tasks of conceptualization and design and then at least a couple of months of development.

But as we said, there are a number of problems that can occur in the development of cross-platform applications. We will see them so you can know how to avoid them and speed up the development of your project.

The cross-platform application development time takes between 3 and 6 months on average

Possible problems in cross-platform application design

There are some problems that usually arise in the development of cross-platform applications and that may end up affecting the delivery time.

The most important thing in these cases is to know them to act in advance and comply with the planned calendar. Go for it!

Bad communication

Bad communication is the basis of many of the problems of breaches in the estimated delivery time.

There may be difficulties in communicating with the development team, which is not available when contact is needed. Although it is also common that the concept of the project has not been well transmitted and that this causes misunderstandings and, consequently, delays.

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In this case, we always recommend devoting enough time to the conceptualization phase so that the project is well defined before starting.

At Retrocube we always require our teams to work with continuous and direct communication with the client. Only in this way can it be guaranteed that the project ends in the best possible conditions.

It is common that the concept of the project has not been well transmitted to the development team

Bad planning

Bad planning is behind many of the delays in the development of cross-platform applications.

Sometimes it may happen that the planning is not realistic because the necessary resources have not been well estimated, because there is an urgency in the delivery of the project or because the requirements have been changed without adjusting the calendar.

Therefore, it is always advisable to define tasks or milestones correctly, so that they can be validated continuously. This makes it easier to report on project monitoring to ensure that planning is being accomplished.

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It is also advisable to define what will be the roles and responsibilities of each person in the work team. Otherwise, tasks may remain unrealized because no one had it clearly assigned.

Likewise, the agendas or minutes of meetings between the development team and the client are very useful. Thus, the decisions that have been taken are written down and the new tasks that may have arisen from that meeting are not lost.

Lack of customer commitment

It is very important to emphasize that in the development phase not everything depends on the technical team. The client also plays a fundamental role that cannot be ignored.

The client should not underestimate their participation and involvement in the app development process

Some examples of the lack of commitment on the part of the client are the delay in the validation of the deliveries or the delay in providing contents or material necessary to advance with the development.

All this can mean the paralysis of the development team, which may mean that if it is continued over time, the development team will end up demotivated and disengage from the project.

Lack of commitment of the development team

As we said, there is a joint responsibility of both the client and the development team. Therefore, it may also happen that it is the development team that causes delays in deliveries.

There may be teams working on more than one project simultaneously and at a given time, they fail to meet established milestones.

In Retrocube we select the equipment that is available at the time you need it, to ensure full involvement in your cross-platform application development.

Therefore, we always emphasize the importance of fulfilling the deliveries of each milestone or task.

Here we tell you how to find the best app creators

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How to speed up deadlines with Retrocube

From Retrocube we select the teams that are most suitable for your project and that have also been validated by an internal process, in order to guarantee you the best possible service.

Despite this, sometimes some of these problems can be generated. In Retrocube we are sure that the best way to avoid them is for both client and developer to work with agile methodologies.

In this way, the functionalities to be fulfilled in the next two weeks (Sprint) and in the next meeting are established, what is achieved is reviewed, and the new milestones are defined.

Thus it is possible to move forward in the project in a more agile, safe and above all, according to the business needs. If you are already used to working in your company with agile methodologies, when you propose your project, you can ask us for teams that work with this methodology.

In addition, in Retrocube we are working on a tool to work for hours and to be able to better monitor the development of cross-platform applications.

Do you want to know more? Tell us your project and we help you find the right equipment!


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